Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A tale of two scandals

Scandal #1: State governor turns out to be corrupt bastard. There's no evidence whatsoever that the incoming president was in on this corruption at all (the investigators specifically declare this when indicting the governor), but coming from the same state they obviously knew one another and had had some political contact in the past.

Scandal #2: A Senate report reveals that the outgoing presidential administration was involved at high levels authorizing torture of prisoners.

Which do you think the press would cover ad nauseum? Would it help to say that the president in scandal 1 is a democrat, and the president in scandal 2 was republican? That's right, of course they obsess over #1 and ignore #2. Actual high crimes and misdemeanors (R) are way less interesting than the possible whiff of unlikely but maybe outside chance at impropriety (D).

But here's my offer for the people who say it's all just "harsh interrogations:" Undergo a week of "harsh interrogation"... y'know, just like America did, stress positions, days spent naked in unvaryingly-brightly lit very cold rooms, with maybe dogs being brought in to snap at your genitals at unexpected intervals. And some of the old standbyes like gaggind and blindfolding rolled together with sexual humiliation, dessecration of one's holy books, 14 hours of interrogation, extended exhaustion. And maybe just a tad of good old fashioned waterboarding now and hten. If the brave patriot can get through this without breaking and admitting that htey are being tortured, we'd all agree to drop the point. I'd give them 3-4 days tops.

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