Friday, December 5, 2008

flipping ballots

I've seen it argued that if the Minnesota recount between Norm Coleman and Al Franken are within the statistical margin of error for ballot counting (which is small, but the gap between them may be even smaller), then they should flip a coin to decide who gets to be senator.

This just seems like extra work - if the ballot count is already within the margin of error, then it's already random which of them is winning, so why not go with the millions of ballots already flipped, rather than a single quarter? Is it just to acknowledge that the outcome is random so that whoever goes to Washington can't claim they have a mandate? But since when did anyone ever let that affect their votes anyway?

Flipin' 'eck.


Mike D said...

And if you really aren't satisfied with mere ballots, at least a dance-off would have entertainment value.

Ecks said...

Only valid if you can get Bowie to be the judge I'm afraid.