Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If "great president" Ronald Reagan was Hollywoods gift to historical revisionism, what happens when still-alive conservative actors talk?

Some idiot is starting a new web site for all the poor conservatives in Hollywood, and is duly and amusingly mocked.

This reminds me of a clip I saw of John Voight leading some ra ra in the audience at a Sarah Palin rally. A reporter asked him about the bailouts or tax plans or some such, and he said words to the effect of "oh, I don't know about any of that stuff go ask one of the politicians. I'm just an actor." So... uh... if you don't know anything about what thse guys are promising to... you know, do... if they get elected, then why are you running around trying to gin up support for them?

Clearly being a Republican is basically a tribal thing for some of these people - it literally doesn't matter who is running or what they promise to do, but the Republicans are us, and us are the good guys, so goooo us! I mean, Republicans! Seriously, I think the Republican candidate could have been the slack-jawed son of a plutocrat, who was only running because he'd already run everything else he'd been handed into the ground, and he would still have vo... okay, bad example.

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