Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What if SerialKiller McRapist switched places with a Bush appointee?

Greenwald makes some excellent points. Highly worth a read, and it inspired me to think: What WOULD the world be like if a regular criminal were to trade places for a little while with the Bush administration?

"Critics argue that Mr. McRapist should face sanctions for the aggressive seductions he carried out, which they term 'rape,' and the strong executive actions he took in terminating the living privilages of troublemakers who had caused offense - or as the extreme fringes of the liberal world term it 'cold blooded murder'. But really, why pursue the divisive policy of further investigating and punishing him for such hotly contested actions? Already he has suffered name calling and finger pointing, and any investigation would surely take up valuable court time that should be devoted to real problems. There are government officials who have planned and carried out torture, war profiteering, and killing of (often innocent) prisoners who were held without due process - and all this in direct contravention of a constitution which is the last, best, barrier between any of us and government tyrany. We can't afford to be soft on these crimes, as other governemnts waiting in the wings will only be tempted into further and worse crimes against humanity. So, please, drop the partisan divisiveness over McRapist's aggressive property gathering techniques. Ranting and shouting and calling it 'armed robbery' and 'theft over $10,000' does nothing to heal the wounds of a nation that should be getting past such rancorousness."

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