Wednesday, November 5, 2008

conservative communication?

We're starting to see conservative bloggers fretting about why they lost the election. Some think they just have to communicate with the voters better. The voters would fly back from the democrats deranged clutches if only the sanity of conservatism could just be explained right. Y'know, in a way they identify with...

Analogy: JoeCon Plumbers have been convincing clients for years, with ruthless effectiveness, that their program of whacking pipes with monkey wrenches is the bold manly plumbing that a real house needs, not any of that namby twisting and twidling that those LeadLib incompetents are always mincing on about, with their girly talk of adjusting, and spreading pressures, not to mention their dangerously effete crack-busting habit of wearing belts.

JoeCon now find themselves having had 6 years of exclusive access to the house, with an additional 2 years of lead executive access. Flood water gushes from crude holes in the walls, swirling up past their knees, toilets are blowing one after the other, in an unholy progression of domestic geysers. Fecal matter is dripping from the ceiling, springs are flying out of mangled water meters impaling anyone who stands too close, and the angry cheapskate neighbors are getting all upset at the raw sewage that has been piped into their living rooms for the past 5 years (hey, ain't Joe's fault that he had to kick in their door and start bashing pipes for them when the old jerk in charge refused to get his pipes up to code).

Now LeadLib have been awarded the next four years' contract, leaving JoeCon standing out on the curb, hefting his paint-chipped monkey wrench forlornly, thumbing the adjustable spinny bit in frustration, and wondering: "perhaps I just didn't communicate clearly enough..."

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jb said...

I see the election got you blogging.

You blog well, carry on.